8 aprilie 2007
There is no reason in love and
death, this is what the scholars said long time ago. I fell in love with you
the first time I saw you. You were looking for reason, you were looking for a
proof, and there is no proof. Love just happens. You dont have to prove
anything. You just fell in love. Love is painful. Love is unshared, love is
something that defines human behavior. There has no reason for it. You just
fall in love.

I fell in love with you the first
day I saw you in front of the building. I went out with you, we had lunch, we
tried to get closer and feel the change, but we couldnt. Love is deceitful.
Love is something you cannot touch. It comes and goes, without reason, without
any proof. Even you can feel it or not. You feel you need to see him and he
feels he cannot breathe unless you are close to him.

Yes, I fell in love with you and
as I said the other day I am always hit by the unfairness of this game. There
is no such thing as shared love. There is no such love that can be felt by two persons
in the same time. Everybody feels for him self. We are born alone. We leave
alone and we dye alone.

You mentioned happiness. What is
happiness for you? Can you even define it? Love is a selfish sentiment. It only
involves you. You are either in love or not. It does not involve another
person. The other person has its own feelings and if he/she loves you the same
time it is simply coincidence and it happens for different other reason.

Love is selfish. Love is painful.
Love is your own reason. Love is what we are leaving for.


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